Administrative Services DepartmentAdministrative Services Department

The Administrative Services Department is responsible for the administrative operations of the District. Encompassing customer service, finance, human resources, facility reservations and special projects, the Administrative Services Department serves as the nuts and bolts of the District.

Administrative Services Manager: Leo Young

Customer Service

Each day the Customer Service Representatives provide quality service to the community facilitating reservations parks and facilities throughout the District and register participants for classes, day camp, aquatic programs and more! Click here for more information on our Customer Service Division.


The Finance Division encompasses all financial aspects of the District including an annual audit, the District budget, cash reconciliations, finance committee, investment reporting, monthly financial reporting, policy review and working with all District revenue sources. Click here for detailed information on the Finance Division.

Human Resources

From employment opportunities to employee salaries and benefits, the Administrative Services Division handles all human resource related issues. Click here for more information on Human Resources.

Needs Assessment

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