Board Meeting


How can I find more information about an agenda item?
Specific information regarding agenda items such as Agenda Reports are available for review on the Friday before the Board meeting. Copies can be purchased for a nominal fee.

How do I address the Board of Directors?
You can address the Board at any meeting during the Public Comment portion of the meeting. Fill out a Public Comment Card before the meeting begins and hand it to the Clerk of the Board. If you cannot make a board meeting you can email them.

How long is a board meeting?
A meeting can last from 1 hour up to 4 hours with the public invited to address the Board in the first hour of business.

How to I become a Board Member?
Board Members are called Directors and are elected to a four year term by registered voters that live within the District Boundaries. An election packet can be picked up at the County of Ventura’s Election Division or from the Clerk of the Board at the District offices, only during Declaration of Candidacy periods during election years. An election occurs in the even numbered years.

When and where are board meetings held?
Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of every month, unless otherwise stated. Generally, Regular Board Meetings are televised and held at the City Of Camarillo, City Hall Council Chambers, unless otherwise stated. Special and Committee Meetings will be held at the Community Center/Main Administrative Office building.

City of Camarillo, City Hall Council Chambers
601 Carmen Drive

Community Center/Main Administrative Office
1605 E. Burnley Street
(805) 482-1996

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Where can I find current board agendas and minutes?
Click here to find current board information.

Where can I find past board agendas and minutes?
Click here to find past board information.