Active Projects

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Active Projects

Outdoor Interpretive Nature Center Project

The Outdoor Interpretive Nature Center was completed at Camarillo Grove Park in April 2015. Funds for the project were received from the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the National Recreation and Park Association, and the American Water Charitable Foundation. This interactive, nature-based learning facility is now open for use by the public, school and community groups, as well as available for private rentals.

Outdoor Interpretive Nature Center Site Plan

Open Space, Trail, and Greenway Planning Study

Award Winning Study! The District, along with Rincon Consultants and Planning and Entitlement Services, received the Outstanding Planning Award: Focused Issue Award from the Central Coast American Planning Association of California on May 4.

The Open Space, Trail, and Greenway Planning Study (OSTGPS) was approved by the Board of Directors at the January 2, 2013 Regular Board Meeting. The study was funded through a grant of $32,000 from Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy in January 2012. This study will assist the District in planning for future trail and open space opportunities.

Open Space, Trail, and Greenway Planning Study
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The scope of the project was to develop an Open Space, Trail and Greenway Planning Study of the land overlapping the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District boundaries. The project purpose was to:
  • Inventory, map, and analyze land ownership, trail systems, and greenway usage of the area.
  • Identify parcels that could be used to develop connections, trails, and bike paths.
  • Map out a greenway network that would connect existing systems in the community and increase access to the hillsides and open spaces.
  • Identify regional public open spaces.
  • Identify natural habitat and wildlife corridors.

Key Findings:  The plan reflects the importance of future planning of land acquisition for outdoor recreation and conservation, as well as leveraging resources and partnerships. The key components identified were:

  • Comprehensive future funding sources and opportunities.
  • List of potential organizational partners.
  • Boundary map identifying exact overlay of 9,848 acres of open space (36% more land than originally projected).
  • Prioritized list of recommended actions.
  • Provided comprehensive data and detailed maps regarding existing trail system, parcel ownership, and other purposeful information.
  • Identified key trail and acquisition opportunities beneficial for the District.
  • Priority areas to connect with existing trail systems are open space adjacent to Camarillo Grove Park and CSUCI.

OSTGPS Power Point Presentation 2013
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