Mayor of Camarillo Dog Parks

Mayor of Camarillo Dog Parks

This Event Has Been CANCELLED

It has come to the District’s attention that there have been some voting irregularities in the form of computerized social media profiles that generated additional votes for candidates. Since staff cannot verify these claims nor has the resources to review every voter, we will be ending this campaign and nullifying the results. 
Please read full cancellation letter here >

Goals of the Project

To raise awareness for Friends of Camarillo Dog Parks (FCDP) and their mission to support the improvement, designation, construction, and insure the retention of multiple safe and legal off-leash locations to socialize and exercise our canines within the City of Camarillo and to act as a fundraising campaign with a goal of $1,000.


  • Candidate filing period ended June 21, 5pm
  • $25 filing fee, per Candidate (this will be refunded)
  •  Candidates must present a “platform” of goals s/he has
  •  Campaigning allowed as soon as filing fee and paperwork are submitted/approved


Coffee & Canines

Dog Park Social

About the Candidates

Thinker. Dreamer. Believer. But most importantly, DOER. Annie believes in paw-sitive reinforcement as nothing beats a paws-on approach. This diamond in the ruff was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Van Nuys by Dogs Without Borders. Rescue organizations have a fond place in her heart and if elected mayor she’d love to have an adoption fair at Springville Dog Park inclusive of all local rescue organizations, especially the Ventura County Animal Shelter. Let’s keep Camarillo strong and proud to be no-kill! Throw her a bone, er, vote, and she promises all pups will have a ball!!! 
Community Enrichment: Assume the good in everyone. Never miss the chance to "say" hello. Environment: Appreciate the dog parks and leave them as you find them. Equality: Everyone can't be an AKC champion. Be patient and kind to the rescues as many come from difficult circumstances. Domestic Relations: Cherish your hooman and all they do for you, especially the clean-up. 
My name is Cruz and I’m a 7-yr. old Bernese Mountain Dog. I love our dog parks and would make a great ambassador for them. I’m accepted by dogs large & small and strive to have all dogs play side by side in harmony. My platform is dog park safety. I’d like to see: Sticker weeds eliminated at Mission Oaks Park. They stick in paws & attract bees that sting paws; Winter lighting 5-7 pm. Better shade options & off-street parking at Springville Dog Park. Snake fencing at Camarillo Grove Park. 24 hr. notice before the water fountains are turned off at all parks. Cruz for Mayor!
I'm campaigning to represent the whole pack of us who enjoy taking our humans to the Dog Parks so ably run by the Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District. Our humans think they are doing us a big favor, but while we are sniffing, running, barking and chasing, they are building friendships and socializing too. I've seen my adopted pack siblings recover from whatever horrible things happened to them somewhere else. I've seen puppies being taught how to behave by the older dogs and dogs being gentle and deferential to the really old ones. Lots of good lessons are taught and learned at dog parks. If elected Mayor, I would make sure that the story of our dog parks is heard by the folks who decide where to spend our scarce Recreation & Park District dollars and also to lead the people and pups who use our dog parks to take good care of them and to chip in for maintaining and improving them when they can. 
My name is Emily Dickinson. I’m running for Dog Mayor of Camarillo because I feel that I can make Camarillo a safer place for all canine kind. I have put together a 3-part approach to my campaign: (1) Safety, including health safety and timely vaccinations; (2) Supporting adherence to Leash Laws, to promote good practices between dogs and humans; and, (3) Education, to keep dogs in homes and out of shelters. My family adopted me at VCAS in 2018, and I continue to live with them in Camarillo today. A vote for Mily is a vote for Camarillo!
I’m Luna and I am running to be the Mayor of Camarillo dog parks. If elected, I will work to make Camarillo a dog-friendly town with many opportunities for us K9s to play. I hope to work on fundraising to support our parks. As Mayor, my goal will be to educate our humans on the rules in place for our safety and help raise funds for the needs of our community. I stand for poop free parks where humans are held responsible for cleaning up after their four-legged friends. A vote
for me is a vote for leash-less fun!

A bit of a hillbilly pup - Maya’s got some teeth missing and a belly that grazes the ground. She believes in a pup program that helps spread awareness on canine dental hygiene and health. Papaya has a unique situation… she’s the world’s worst pooper. Her tiny legs and overly-sized belly makes poppin-a-squat quite a chore… so she walks AND poops! It drives her hoo-mans bananas, er, papayas! Since she knows what a pain-in-the-woof this can be, her idea is to have some pooper scoopers handy in parks when the fur parents don’t want to get elbow deep in turds.
The mightiest warrior with the most frightening roar, Peanut’s appearance says it all. He fights for the little guy... (even if that’s just for himself). He’s made mutts 10x his size (actually bigger, because let’s be honest that isn’t that big) quiver and whine. One sad 4th of July, Peanut fled out of fear from the noise and was taken in by Paw Works. He’d hate to see any other pups separated from their families, so he plans to implement a safety program with “pup-patrols” out around firework season to hopefully catch canines before they get too far from home. I’m working to make sure awareness is spread on how to help alleviate doggie-anxiety.
As a rescue, I know the importance of having a voice to represent those who can't represent themselves. As your Mayor, I'd be your voice for those moments when squirrels won't come down from trees, your voice when there aren't enough balls to play with, your voice in earning the right to sleep on the couch every night! I pledge to work paw-in-hand with FCDP and the Parks District on expanding current- and creating new­ programs and events that cater specifically to canines. My paws are big, my tail swings mightily, and my heart is ready to serve you.
I promise to continue to spread the love at the Camarillo Dog Parks, increase awareness of the Parks and continue the positive doggo socialization across the breeds. I believe we should add benches to the dog parks. They fill up quickly. It’s a good way for the hoomans to socialize and this gives our Moms and Dads the opportunity to pet us more and give us more butt scratches. I look forward to serving not only as your Mayor, but also as a strong advocate for the Camarillo Dog Parks. Camarillo Dog Parks: an equal opportunity petting zone.

Perks of Being Mayor

  • “Mayors Message” in the Canine section of the Activity Guide (Sept-Dec and Jan-Apr issues only)Official Spokes-dog of FCDP/District for dog park-related items
  • “Key to the District”
  • VIP in the Camarillo Christmas Parade (with vehicle ride)
  • Picture posted at PVRPD Admin Office
  • FCDP/PVRPD will work towards implementing the platform issues
  • Public appearances available at all FCDP/PVRPD events

Campaign Rules

  • Candidates are responsible for marketing
  • Flyers are allowed, but it is the responsibility of the Candidate for cleanup
  • Canines only
  • No attack ads on other candidates
  • Campaigning is only allowed after filling out paperwork and submitting filing fee
  • One (1) canine = one (1) campaign
  • Only one (1) Mayor will be elected (no splitting)
  • Two (2) term limit
  • Must live in District boundaries
  • Candidates must be fully vaccinated with all records being submitted
  • Disqualifying Items include: Inappropriate behavior/language at other Candidates, PVRPD or FCDP staff, volunteers, or Board members, Violation of any campaign rules or Falsifying information