Mayor of Camarillo Dog Parks

Mayor of Camarillo Dog Parks

Elect a canine Mayor of Camarillo Dog Parks while helping raise funds to improve the parks. Nominate your dog to be the Mayor!

Goals of the Project

To raise awareness for Friends of Camarillo Dog Parks (FCDP) and their mission to support the improvement, designation, construction, and insure the retention of multiple safe and legal off-leash locations to socialize and exercise our canines within the City of Camarillo and to act as a fundraising campaign with a goal of $1,000.


  • Candidate filing period ends June 21, 5pm
  • Download application form here
  • $25 filing fee, per Candidate (to be paid by the Candidate's human)
  •  Candidates must present a “platform” of goals s/he has
  •  Campaigning allowed as soon as filing fee and paperwork are submitted/approved

Meet the Candidates


  • Voting begins July 1 @ 8:00am and ends July 25 @ 5:00pm
  • Link to online poll will be available on this page


Perks of Being Mayor

  • “Mayors Message” in the Canine section of the Activity Guide (Sept-Dec and Jan-Apr issues only)Official Spokes-dog of FCDP/District for dog park-related items
  • “Key to the District”
  • VIP in the Camarillo Christmas Parade (with vehicle ride)
  • Picture posted at PVRPD Admin Office
  • FCDP/PVRPD will work towards implementing the platform issues
  • Public appearances available at all FCDP/PVRPD events

Campaign Rules

  • Candidates are responsible for marketing
  • Flyers are allowed, but it is the responsibility of the Candidate for cleanup
  • Canines only
  • No attack ads on other candidates
  • Campaigning is only allowed after filling out paperwork and submitting filing fee
  • One (1) canine = one (1) campaign
  • Only one (1) Mayor will be elected (no splitting)
  • Two (2) term limit
  • Must live in District boundaries
  • Candidates must be fully vaccinated with all records being submitted
  • Disqualifying Items include: Inappropriate behavior/language at other Candidates, PVRPD or FCDP staff, volunteers, or Board members, Violation of any campaign rules or Falsifying information