Facility Information & Pool Rules

Pleasant Valley AquaticsPleasant Valley Aquatic Center, formerly the Pleasant Valley Pool, opened in 1969. In 1991, a renovation of the front lobby, locker rooms, shower rooms and office spaces improved upon the original design. Another major renovation was completed in 2007 to add our waterslide and splash pad.

The pool holds approximately 210,000 gallons of water, has eight swimming lanes, a one-meter diving board, a 65-foot spiral waterslide, an outdoor splash zone, a hydraulic lift and outside patio. The pool is 25 yards in length and heated between 81 and 83 degrees. The maximum capacity is 210 patrons. The Pleasant Valley Aquatic Center is the only indoor public swimming pool in Ventura County.


  • Dry changing room with lockers
  • Showers
  • Bathrooms
  • Changing stalls (in women’s locker room only)
  • Diaper changing station (in women's locker room only)
  • Hair dryers
  • Outlets

The Aquatic Center is surrounded by Bob Kildee Park. This 13-acre park features picnic tables, play equipment, restrooms, basketball courts, tennis courts, lighted ball fields, a soccer field and the Pleasant Valley Skate Park. In addition, many shaded areas and two reserveable picnic areas with barbeques make this an ideal location for any family outing. 

Pool Rules

  1. Pool RulesAll patrons must shower before entering the pool.
  2. No running or horseplay.
  3. No diving in the shallow end, or over the stairs and ladders.
  4. No flips from the deck into the pool.
  5. No food or drink on the pool deck or in the locker rooms.
  6. Gum is not permitted in the facility.
  7. No smoking in the facility or on the patios.
  8. Proper swimsuit attire must be worn. Shorts or shirts cannot be worn over swimsuits. Street clothes or undergarments are not allowed in the pool. No thong swimsuits or other inappropriate attire.
  9. Children who are not potty trained must wear plastic swim pants with full elastic legs and elastic waist over a properly-fitted swim diaper.
  10. All patrons with shoulder-length or longer hair must wear a swim cap, or properly secure hair with a hair band.
  11. No hanging on lane lines or ropes.
  12. No splashing the lifeguards.
  13. No breath-holding games or exercises.
  14. No training/working out with weights or weighted vests.

Diving Board Rules

  1. One person on the diving board at a time. The next person in line must wait on the pool deck. Pool Rules
  2. Enter the diving board from the rear of the diving board.
  3. No running on the diving board.
  4. Masks, goggles and life jackets may not be worn while using the diving board.
  5. One bounce per person.
  6. You must dive straight off the board, not toward the side of  the pool.
  7. Front flips only. No back flips, reverse dives, inward tucks and/or twists.
  8. Make sure that the area under the board is clear before diving. After diving, immediately swim to the nearest ladder.
  9. Do not hang on the diving board or swing on the rails.
  10. There is no swimming in front of, or around the diving board.

Waterslide Rules

  1. All patrons must be at least 44 inches tall, 7 years old, and a maximum of 280 lbs to ride the 65-foot, yellow waterslide. Pool Rules
  2. Follow the instructions of the attendant. Wait at the top of the stairs until the attendant tells you to advance. Riders must wait for the attendants start signal before starting the ride.
  3. You must know how to swim to use the waterslide.
  4. The slide exits into 12ft of water.
  5. No one is allowed to catch a rider or wait in the plunge area of the waterslide.
  6. Only one rider at a time. No doubles, trains, or chains.
  7. No running, stopping, standing, kneeling, rotating or tumbling on the waterslide.
  8. No running or horseplay on the stair and landings.
  9. Eye glasses, goggles, masks and jewelry are not permitted.
  10. Slide must be ridden feet first lying on your back with your legs crossed at the ankles and arms folded at the chest. Riding the slide improperly can cause injury.
  11. After exiting the slide, riders must swim to the nearest ladder and exit the plunge area immediately. Parents may not wait in the water to catch their children.
  12. Bathing suits only. Swimwear may not have metal rivets, buttons, or fasteners.
  13. Lifejackets are not permitted on the waterslide.
  14. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited in the facility. Do not use the slide while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
CAUTION:  For safety reasons, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions or back problems should not ride the slide.

Recreational Swim Rules

 (In addition to the rules listed above.)

  1. No swimming in diving well or slide well.
  2. Non-swimmers must wear a USCG approved lifejacket and/or be accompanied by an adult.
  3. No water-wings or flotation devices.
  4. No dunks on the basketball hoop.
  5. During Recreational Swim the lifeguards will be calling 5 to 10 minute bathroom breaks for patrons to use the bathroom. During this time no patrons will be allowed in the pool.
    Friday Break: 7:20pm
    Saturday Breaks: 12:50pm and 1:50pm Sunday Breaks: 12:50pm and 1:50pm. Summer Breaks will be 1:50pm and 2:50pm for all Recreational Swim. 

Click here for the downloadable version of the Pool Rules