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Play-Well TEKnologies was founded by Tim Bowen in 1997. Introduced to the LEGO® building system in 1996 and recognizing it to be both a popular play medium and a tremendous learning medium, Tim began to develop projects which drew on his professional experience and combined the elements of fun, challenge, and learning. He began operating a summer camp program in 1997, followed by after school enrichment classes in 1998. With steady growth of the company, project development is now undertaken by a staff of instructors bent on constantly improving the programs.

Mission Statement

Play-Well TeknologiesAt Play-Well TEKnologies we strive to:

  • Build problem-solving skills
  • Provide an opportunity for creative expression
  • Foster a greater appreciation of how things work
  • Encourage the qualities of inquisitiveness, self reliance, and self confidence in children

We do this in the context of fun-filled engineering and architectural projects, activities that both the children and the instructors enjoy!

Play-Well TeknologiesPlay-Well TEKnologies' instructors all have engineering and/or teaching backgrounds, but more importantly they all share a common enthusiasm for kids, engineering, and the LEGO® building system. What distinguishes our staff from many other programs that offer summer camps is that we do not seasonally hire our instructors. Our instructors teach year-round at schools, recreation departments, YMCA's, and home-schools, enabling them to provide a thoroughly engaging and¬†challenging array of engineering projects they have come to master through the year.

Classes are enhanced by a collection of bright, motivated high school and college instructional assistants who are specifically chosen for their ability to be role models for the young builders.


Play-Well TEKnologies complies with fingerprinting and criminal background investigation requirements with respect to all of our employees who may have contact with minors. California Department of Justice has determined that none of our California employees have been convicted of a felony, as that term is defined in California Penal Code Section 11105.3

Contact Information
Bob Lund
Southern California Regional Manager
(562) 673-7529