Contract Instructors

Learn How to Become a Contract Instructor

Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District is always looking for new and exciting classes to offer. If you have a new, unique and fun idea for a class, you have come to the right place. Listed below are some simple tips for submitting your proposal to teach a class in the next available sessions.

Class Proposal

When you are proposing a class to the District you must submit the following in a word document by e-mail, fax, postal mail or in-person (by appointment only):

Class Proposal

Along with your class proposal, you will need to submit the following items:

  • Resume including qualifications to teach the proposed class
  • References

Proposal Submission

Class proposals can be submitted at any time. Below is an approximate proposal submission timeline:

  • January-April due August 1
  • May-August due December 1
  • September-December due April 1

Proposal Review & Approval

Once you have submitted your proposal to staff, they will take the opportunity to review the proposal and contact your references. We will then contact you regarding your approval status. After approval, we will schedule a meeting to finalize your class and review the New Instructor Orientation Packet and complete all appropriate paperwork to initiate your contract.

Independent Contractor Wages & Criteria

Contract Instructors are Independent Contractors. Each Contract Instructor is issued a new contract on an annual basis and is renewed each year on January 1. Instructors are offered a percentage of the fees associated with the class that they are scheduled to teach. The following criteria is applied to determine the contracted percent for each Independent Contractor:

  • Indoor classes that require District staff to set-up, breakdown or open and close a facility receive a 65/35 contract. The Instructor would receive 65% of the primary fees (not including any Administrative or Out-of-District fees) and the District would retain 35% for maintenance, publicity, and any other cost incurred by the class.
  • Outdoor classes that do not require any District staff to set-up, breakdown, or open and close a facility or lights, or are held at an off site location receive a 70/30 contract. Off site locations are required to submit the appropriate insurance in order to hold District classes on non-district property. The Instructor would receive 70% of the primary fees (not including any Administrative or Out-of-District fees) and the District would retain 30% for maintenance, publicity, registration, class management, and any other cost incurred by the class.

All fees (except materials fees) are collected by the District and the Instructor is paid at the completion of the class. Once your class has finished, Instructors will be asked to submit a Contract Instructor Service Invoice for payment.


Approved Contract Instructors Paperwork

In an effort to provide District Approved Contract Instructors with the paperwork they need for their classes.

Class Detail Sheets

Class Details (May-August)
How to fill out Class Details

Contractor Service Invoices - complete the District approved service invoice after your class has been completed and submit to your District contact for payment.

Service Invoice

Instructor Contracts

65/35 Instructor Contract - District Indoor Facilities

Miscellaneous Paperwork

Class Waiver Form
Accident Report Form
Incident Report Form
Live Scan