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Bring your friends and family for an evening of Badminton. All participants must sign the waiver form before participating.
    Time: Saturday Evenings, 5-9pm
    Location: Freedom Gym at Camarillo Airport, 224 Willis Avenue, Camarillo


Come and join us for fun pick-up games! These FREE games (half court) are played in an indoor gym and are non-competitive. Anyone 50+ is welcome to participate. 
    Time: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 8:30-11:30am
    Location: Freedom Gym-Camarillo Airport, 224 Willis Avenue, Camarillo

Bocce Ball

Bocce is a fun way to exercise while being outdoors. It is a ball sport that is played in a similar style as lawn bowling.
    Time: Thursday 9-11am (Spring & Summer months only)
    Location: Behind the Senior Center on the lawn

Exercise - Morning Stretch

This class is led by volunteers who incorporate a series of gentle rhythmic exercise movements with the assistance of a chair. These exercises are mainly performed while sitting down, and some are done holding onto a chair. Anyone can join the class, at any time and everything is done at your own pace. It is important to remember that a morning exercise routine can increase your strength, balance, and vitality. It encourages movement, stretching, and helps increase your heart rate, so feel free to come by and join-in!
    Time: Monday - Friday, 8-9am, Wednesday & Friday 9-10am
    Location: Community Center Room 7


Enjoy 2 courts of pickleball. Bring own ball and paddles. 
    Time: 8:30-11:30am  Mondays & Wednesdays, 11:30-2pm  Tuesdays 
    Location: Freedom Gym at the Camarillo Airport

Table Tennis

It does not matter if you call it ping-pong or table tennis, you are invited to come and join us for a fun game! All talent levels are welcome. Several tables are available for open play games.   
    Time: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 1-4pm 
    Location: Freedom Gym at the Camarillo Airport

Walking Club

The Walking Club gathers inside the Senior Center twice a week at 8:50am.  All walking is done on flat ground around the perimeter of the Community Center beginning promptly at 9:00am and is led by a staff member.  Participants may walk for as little or as long as they like.  Distance is recorded on an individual basis so that walkers can keep track of their personal best.  Beginners are encouraged to join and all levels are welcome.  A breakfast meeting, to encourage a group socialization time, is scheduled once a month at a local restaurant and attendance is optional.  This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy exercising outdoors and to meet new friends! 
    Time: Wednesday & Friday 8:50-10am
    Location: Community Center

Wii Bowling

The virtual game of bowling is offered in the Senior Center two times a week. It is a great physical and social activity that everyone can join. There are no physical limitations that will prevent you from playing.  The game uses a wireless remote to follow players’ movements as they mimic the actions of bowling. No prior experience is required.  Please call (805) 482-4881 in advance to sign-up.
    Time: Monday 9-12:30pm, Thursday 12-4pm    
    Location: Senior Center
    Tournament Date: October 12, 2017
    Location: Community Center Auditorium


This free, gentle exercise program includes low impact stretching and strengthening routines to improve posture, balance and flexibility. The class is done in your stocking feet. Yoga mats are provided. Each student is encouraged to challenge themselves during class, but never to strain. Come participate and experience the many benefits of practicing yoga! Classes are led by a volunteer.
    Time: Wednesday & Friday, 9-10am
    Location: Senior Center