Senior Classes

April- June 2015

Bridge - Modern Bridge Bidding

Innovation in bridge mostly occurs with the creation of bidding conventions. Learn to play many of the most popular conventions. $12 material fee due at the first class. Join two experienced instructors in a fun, systematic approach to the game. This is a beginner class.

Hours: 9-11am, Tuesdays

Dance Lessons

Come learn a new dance or brush-up on your steps! Participants will learn the West Coast Swing or the Hustle in a relaxed setting.

Hours: 6:30-8:00pm, Tuesdays

Evening Fitness for Adults

Exercise for good health! This instructor led workout introduces moderate exercise emphasizing functional fundamentals for active adults in a reinforcing group environment.

Hours: 6:15pm to 7:15pm , Thursdays 

Fit For Life

This is a fun class using weights and resistance bands. Improve bone and muscle strength, balance, flexibility, heart and brain health and your body’s ability to burn fat. Bring hand weights, resistant bands and a mat.

Hours: 9-10am, Mondays

Fun, Fun, Fun Fitness

Enhance quality of life through exercises that are FUNctional, FUNdamental, and FUN with enough intensity to improve your fitness -- both cardiovascular and strength.

Hours: 6-7pm, Thursdays

Leisure Walks

Come and join us for a morning hike! This informal gathering is an ideal way to meet new friends, exercise, and enjoy the fresh air!

Hours: 9-10am, Mondays

Tai-Chi - Sun Style

Beginner to intermediate level based exercise program to develop balance, strength, posture and confidence in walking and moving. 

Hours: 2-3:30pm, Fridays


Pilates will not only improve your physical fitness but also your emotional fitness as well. It is a weight bearing exercise, building strong bones, balance, and flexibility to improve overall core strength.

Hours: 9-10am, Thursdays

Stretch Band for Strength & Balance

Learn beginning to intermediate exercises to develop strength and balance in a fun and safe atmosphere. Work at your own pace and ability to reduce falls and increase mobility.

Hours: 2-3pm, Mondays & Wednesdays

Zumba Gold

Utilizing great Latin music and dance, improve your balance, strength, flexibility and your heart. Every class feels like a party! No need to know how to dance; just follow along.

Hours: 9-10am, Wednesdays & Fridays

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