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Adult Leagues   

Outdoor Education

Drivers Education

Ages: 14-18    Cost: $43    Location: Online    Instructor: All Good Driving School
This course teaches driver’s education for teens to receive their California Drivers permit. DMV accepted certificates are issued after the successful completion of this course. Behind the wheel training is not included.
1912.709 Any Any 8/1-8/31
1913.709 Any Any 9/1-9/30
1913.710 Any Any 10/1-10/31

Private Sewing Lessons

Ages: 6-100    Cost: $89    Instructor: Debbie Lee Bavaro    Location: Off-site
Private Sewing Lessons 2 hours that focus on each students’ interests. New machine? Let’s figure it out together. Focus is on basic sewing skills and techniques for utilizing re-purposed and up-cycled materials and garments. Let’s save the planet together through wearable art and creativity!
1513.705 Various
1513.706 Various

Meet Your Sewing Machine

Ages: 4+     Cost: $85     Instructor: Debbie Lee Bavaro     
Learn to sew your way, meet your personal needs. Machine and hand sewing. Assistance with projects, refinement, and techniques. Schedule help on your most challenging projects. Create new styles for those in the back of your closet. Dream it, then make it. Private class for 2 hours, your machine or ours. Call 805-402-6296 to arrange your class.
1512.005 Any Any August


Ages: 16+    Cost: $103    Instructor: Russ Avison, Canine Logic    Location: Community Center Courtyard 
Must bring proof of shot records (DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies & Canine Influenza) to the first class. Please wear sneakers and weather-appropriate clothing.

Puppy Basics
Learn basic obedience behaviors and proper socialization skills for dogs 16 weeks to 12 months of age. Also learn to minimize the understandable but unacceptable behaviors such as nipping & mouthing, jumping on people, destructive digging, and chewing. Entire family welcome. All positive reinforcement techniques; No choke chains or pinch collars.
1742.716 6-7pm Th 8/5-9/9
1743.715 6-7pm Th 9/2-10/7
1743.716 5:30-6:30pm Th 10/14-11/18

Puppy Preschool
For puppies 10 to 20 weeks old. Until it is safe for your puppy to go out into the world, bring them to the Puppy Preschool class! This class is held in a sanitized room to keep your puppy safe. You and your puppies will have a blast socializing with other puppies and humans. Your puppy will become acclimated to the clicker as you learn basic communication skills and your puppy learns basic obedience behaviors.
This is a GREAT class to prepare for the Puppy Basics class! No choke chains or pinch collars. Class supply fee of $5 included.
1743.717 7:15-8:15pm Th 9/2-9/23

Youth Classes

Manners That Matter

Ages: 6-9    Cost: $49    Instructor: Lisa Lutz    Location: Community Center Room 2
Children learn basic etiquette & manners in a fun respectful environment. Rules of introduction, table manners & settings, presence, poise, positive social skills. Grooming, conversation tips, creating a proper thank you note, good sportsman ship. Certified etiquette instructor, Ms. Lisa Lutz!
5763.702 10:30-11:30am Sa 10/9-10/23

Rocket Science & Astronomy

Ages: 5-11    Cost: $194     Instructor: Parker-Anderson     Location: Freedom Center
Ready, set, blast off! Explore the Universe as we launch everything from Film Canister Rockets to Water Bottle Blasters, Business Card Boomerangs, and much more! Our adventures will take us to the Titan, Mars, and a Galactic Cluster as we learn about comets, constellations, and our galaxy! This camp is out of this world! $35 materials fee due 1st class.
5012.102 9am-12pm M-F 8/2-8/6

Jurassic Dino World

Ages: 5-11     Cost: $194     Instructor: Parker-Anderson     Location: Freedom Center
Learn all about Dinosaurs in this fun, hands on camp! Explore the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras through all sorts of project-based activities. Dino Digs, fossil hunts and “Dino of the Day” activities! You even get your own Dinosaur Egg to take home with you!
$35 materials fee due 1st class.
5012.103 9am-12pm M-F 8/9-8/13


Cost: $68    Location: Dos Caminos Park

Kindermusik Foundations
3-14 mos.    
Foundations classes offer a sensoryrich yet caring and gentle environment where infants can explore and react to new sounds, sensations, objects and movement. Home Materials fee $10 for CD and digital music kit due first class.
4623.714 12-12:45pm Tu 9/7-9/28
4623.715 12-12:45pm Tu 10/5-10/26

Kindermusik Level 1
12-24 mos    
Level 1 classes provide toddlers with a stimulating setting to explore their new movement and language skills with a sense of security, comfort, and confidence. Home Materials fee $10 for CD and digital music kit due first class.
4623.718 11-11:45am Tu 9/7-9/28
4623.719 11-11:45am Tu 10/5-10/26

Kindermusik Level 2
1.5-3.5 yrs    
Level 2 classes encourage older toddlers to initiate their own ideas, nurturing social-emotional growth and cognitive development in a playful exploratory manner. Home Materials fee $10 for CD and digital music kit due first class.
4623.722 10-10:45am Tu 9/7-9/28
4623.723 10-10:45am Tu 10/5-10/26

Kindermusik Mixed-Age
0-5 yrs.    
Mixed-age classes allow infants through 5-year-olds and their caregivers to gather for a fun-filled learning experience, accommodating all levels of learning and musical ability. Home Materials fee $10 for CD and digital music kit due first class.
4633.710 5-5:45pm W 9/8-9/28
4633.711 5-5:45pm W 10/6-10/27


Instructor: Cartwheel A-Go-Go Staff    Location: Community Center, Auditorium
Students will develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and body awareness through the sport of gymnastics. Students will practice tumbling, motor skills, balance beam, vault, and single bar. Students should wear athletic attire.
Tot Ages: 3-5    Cost: $58
4422.733 3:30-4:15pm Tu 8/10-8/31
4423.741 3:30-4:15pm Tu 9/4-9/28
4423.742 3:30-4:15pm Tu 10/5-10/26
Beginner Ages: 6-12    Cost: $58
4422.737 4:30-5:15pm Tu 8/10-8/31
4423.733 4:30-5:15pm Tu 9/7-9/28
4423.734 4:30-5:15pm Tu 10/5-10/26
Intermediate Ages: 6-12     Cost: $68
4422.741 5:30-6:30pm Tu 8/10-8/31
4423.737 5:30-6:30pm Tu 9/7-9/28
4423.738 5:30-6:30pm Tu 10/5-10/26

Adult Classes

Beginning Drumming

Ages: 60+    Cost: $64    Instructor: Mark Tusler    Location: Community Center Room 3
Learn to play basic rudiments and a beginning rock beat on a small tabletop electronic drum set. A full acoustic set will be used for the last class. All you need is a pair of sticks: let’s drum! Students must
bring sticks (size 5B).
5823.703 6-7pm Tu 10/5-11/2


Instructor: Janet Snyder, Dance Ten    Location: Online via Zoom
Zoom info and link will be emailed prior to the class starting to the email address used for signing up. Not to worry, you won’t need a lot of space! Please call or text Janet at 818-634-5881 with any dance-related questions.

Date Night Workshop - Night Club Two-Step
18+     Cost: $24/person     
Zoom info and link will be emailed prior to the class starting to the email address used for signing up. Not to worry, you won’t need a lot of space! Please call or text Janet at 818-634-5881 with any dance-related questions. We will cover the slow & sensual Night Club Two-Step. This is a beginning level class. Couples only.
4822.004 7-8:30pm Tu 8/3

Salsa & Bachata Latin Dance Date Night at Home
Ages: 18+    Cost: $24 per person
Learn these Latin dances from the comfort of your own home on a date night. We will cover the sexy Salsa as well as the sensual Bachata. This is a beginning level class. Couples only.
4863.011 6-7:30pm Sa 9/18

East Coast Swing Date Night at Home
Ages: 18+    Cost: $24 per person
Enjoy a date night at home. We will cover the all-American upbeat East Coast Swing. This is a beginning level class. Couples only.
4873.001 6-7:30pm Su 10/17

Ukulele? Yes!

Ages: 18+    Cost: $88    Location: Online via Zoom    Instructor: Lisa Wyckoff
Yes! You can learn to play the ukulele. Check it off your bucket list! You are never too old to learn. Designed with the older adult in mind, we will cover basic strumming, rhythm, tuning, and chords as we learn songs at a beginner level. Please bring your own ukulele and tuner. Class materials will be emailed, or if regular mail is preferred, a $5 supply fee will be required on the first day of class.
4133.001 10-11am W 9/1-10/13

Exercise Classes

Funk Fuzion

Ages: 16+    Instructor: Lorenzo Crawford    Location: Community Center Room 7
A fun, fresh, funky workout that is a healthy blend of traditional and dance flavored exercises to challenge your mind, body, & soles. Designed for the fitness novice or fitness enthusiasts that enjoy a challenging workout by infusing traditional exercises with a dance flavor. This class will leave you feeling “good”
all over. So, put your happy feet on and come join us.
1-Day Pass Cost: $10
3063.001 10-11am Sa 09/4-9/25
3063.002 10-11am Sa 10/2-10/30
4-Day Pass Cost: $24
3063.005 10-11am Sa 09/4-9/25
3063.006 10-11am Sa 10/2-10/30
6-Day Pass Cost: $34
3063.009 10-11am Sa 09/4-9/25
3063.010 10-11am Sa 10/2-10/30
8-Day Pass Cost: $44
3063.013 10-11am Sa 09/4-9/25
3063.014 10-11am Sa 10/2-10/30


Ages: 16+    Instructor: Patty Bolland    Location: Community Center Auditorium
Jazzercise combines dance-based cardio with strength, Pilates, Yoga, kickboxing, and balance training in a fun and effective 60-minute workout, incorporating the latest moves to a variety of current upbeat music. Class passes provided at first class participation and expire in 30 days. Younger students welcome when accompanied by an adult. Call District to register young students. Bring mat and 3-5 lb. weights.
1-Day Pass Cost: $14
2612.733 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 8/2-8/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2613.724 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 09/2-9/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa
2613.725 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 10/2/-10/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

5-Day Pass Cost: $34
2612.734 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 8/2-8/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2613.728 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 09/2-9/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2613.729 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 10/2/-10/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

10-Day Pass Cost: $54
2612.735 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 8/2-8/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2613.732 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 09/2-9/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2613.733 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 10/2/-10/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

Tai Chi

Ages: 13+    Cost: $144    Instructor: Clifton Gore    Location: Community Center Auditorium
A peaceful, slow moving martial art that promotes health and harmony.
1832.706 7-8pm W 6/2-8/25
1833.706 7-8pm W 9/15-12/15
1832.707 8-9pm W 6/2-8/25
1833.707 8-9pm W 9/15-12/15


Ages: 13+    Cost: $32    Instructor: Ellie Cortina    Location: Community Center Room 7
Zumba is advance fitness program that uses Latin and international rhythms to give you a full body workout that feels like a party. Join and see how fun getting in shape can be!
6322.702 9:30-10:30am Tu 8/3-8/31
6323.701 6:30-7:30pm Tu 9/7-09/28
6323.702 6:30-7:30pm Tu 10/5-10/26

Functional Yoga for Adults

Ages: 16+    Cost: $143    Instructor: Audrey Walzer    Location: Senior Center
You don’t have to be flexible to practice Functional Yoga with Audrey Walzer, voted “Ventura County’s Best” yoga teacher for 12years. Recommended by medical professionals, Audrey’s safe, user-friendly method teaches more than just “poses”. Learn healthy body mechanics and healing practices for neck, back, rotator cuff, hips, and feet, in addition to core-strengthening and stress-relieving breathing. No experience required, just a willingness to learn!
6431.001 6-7pm M 9/13-11/29

Functional Yoga for Seniors

Ages: 20+    Cost: $109    Instructor: Audrey Walzer    Location: Community Center Room 7
No one is too old or too stiff to practice Functional Yoga with Audrey Walzer, voted “Ventura County’s Best” yoga teacher for 12years. Recommended by medical professionals for safe therapeutic practices for back, hips, shoulders, and balance, and learn functional breathing for a strong core and calm mind. No experience required, just a willingness to learn! Note: You must be able to stand unassisted for this class.
6434.001 10-11am Th 9/9-11/18

Sports Classes

Baby Ballers

Cost: $104     Instructor: Youth Evolution Basketball     Location: Mel Vincent Park
Introduce your child to the best sport on the Planet. With your participation and encouragement, the Baby Baller will learn the fundamental steps necessary to understand the sport of Basketball. Instructor guidance and movement skills are developed using engaging games and activities with appropriately
sized basketball hoops, providing an unforgettable experience like no other.
Ages: 2.5-3.5    
4732.103 5:40-6:10pm W 7/7-8/4
Ages: 5-7  
4732.101 3:55-4:40pm W 7/7-8/4

Youth Evolution Basketball Level 1

Ages: 3.5-4.5     Cost: $104     Location: Mel Vincent Park
Learn fundamental movement skills and build overall motor skills. This course is designed for children to learn the fundamental concepts of basketball. The program focuses on technique using activities that subsequently help build on each other, helping the children to gradually increase their ability to do the
basic skill to help them play the sport of basketball.
4732.100 3:15-3:50pm W 7/7-8/4

Basketball & Life Skills 

Instructor: Isaac Rosas, Youth Evolution Basketball
Location: Mel Vincent Park 
Children will learn a wide variety of skills and techniques while they explore the sport of basketball. 
Level 1      Ages: 3.5-5     Cost: $111 
4733.003    3-3:35pm     W    9/1-9/29
4733.004    2:40-3:15pm     W    10/20-11/17
Level 2     Ages: 5-7     Cost: $111 
4733.005    3:40-4:25pm     W    9/1-9/29
4733.306    1 3:15-4:00pm    W    0/20-11/17
Level 3     Ages: 7.5-11     Cost: $111 
4733.007    4:30-5:25pm    W    9/1-9/29
4733.008    4:00-4:45pm     W    10/20-11/17

MSA Parent & Me Soccer

Ages: 2-3     Cost: $54     Instructor: Monka Youth Soccer     Location: Community Center
Join Camarillo High School Coach and former professional Bryan Monka in the MSA Parent and Me Soccer Class! Designed to introduce young soccer players to the game, the MSA Staff, along with parental help, will introduce skills through imaginative games.
0922.761 6:05-6:35pm Tu 8/3-8/24

MSA Youth Soccer Academy

Join Camarillo High School Coach and former professional Bryan Monka in the MSA Youth Soccer Academy! Designed to develop young aspiring soccer players, the MSA Staff will teach technique, tactics, fitness, and sports psychology in a fun learning environment.
Ages: 3-4     Cost: $79
0922.749 5-6pm Tu 8/3-8/24
Ages: 5-7     Cost: $79
0922.753 5-6pm Tu 8/3-8/24
Ages: 8-12     Cost: $79
0922.757 5-6pm Tu 8/3-8/24

Soccer Development 

Instructor: Super Soccer Stars     Location: Pitts Ranch Park
Super Soccer Stars classes are non-competitive, using positive reinforcement to teach children soccer skills in a fun, engaging, and educational environment. Low child-to-coach ratios ensure that each child gets individual attention and encouragement to improve at his or her own rate.
Ages: 2-3     Cost: $149
0562.709 9-9:40am Sa 7/10-8/14
Ages: 3- young 4     Cost: $149
0562.711 9:55-10:40am Sa 7/10-8/14
Ages: Older 4-5     Cost: $149
0562.713 10:55-11:45am Sa 7/10-8/14
Ages: 5-7     Cost: $149
0562.715 12:05-1:05pm Sa 7/10-8/14

Kidz Love Soccer

Location: Pitts Ranch Park 
Kids will enjoy learning the world’s most popular game in a fun environment. All kids receive a jersey! 
Mommy/Daddy & Me Soccer 
Ages: 2-3½     Cost: $135
0623.708    5:30-6pm    Tu    9/14-10/26 
Ages: 3½-4    Cost: $135 
0623.709    4:45-5:20pm    Tu    9/14-10/26 
Soccer 1: Techniques & Teamwork 
Ages: 5-6    Cost: $135 
0623.710    3:15-4pm    Tu    9/14-10/26 
Soccer 2: Techniques & Teamwork 
Ages: 5-6    Cost: $135 
0623.711    4-4:45pm    Tu    9/14-10/26

Basketball & Life Skills 

Instructor: Isaac Rosas
Location: Mel Vincent Park 
Children will learn a wide variety of skills and techniques while they explore the sport of basketball. 
Ages: 3.5-5    Cost: $111 
4733.003    3-3:50pm    Th    9/1-9/29 
4733.004    3-3:50pm    Th    10/20-11/17 
Ages: 6-8    Cost: $111 
4733.005    4-4:50pm    Th    9/1-9/29 
4733.006    4-4:50pm    Th    10/20-11/17 
Ages: 9-12    Cost: $111 
4733.007    5-5:50pm    Th    9/1-9/29 
4733.008    5-5:50pm    Th    10/20-11/17 

Tennis: Children Fun Fundamentals

Ages: 6-8     Cost: $93     Instructor: Harvey Mardyks     Location: Mission Oaks Park
Fun introduction to tennis basics for kids with little or no tennis experience. Wear tennis shoes, bring tennis racket, can of tennis balls & water. 
1012.793 8-9am M 8/2-8/23

Tennis: Youth Beginning

Ages: 9-12      Cost: $93     Instructor: Harvey Mardyks     Location: Mission Oaks Park
Fun Introduction to Tennis basics for kids with little or no tennis experience. Wear tennis shoes, bring tennis racket, can of tennis balls & water. 
1012.797 9-10am M 8/2-8/23

Tennis: Youth Advanced Beginner

Ages: 9-14     Cost: $93     Instructor: Harvey Mardyks     Location: Mission Oaks Park
Tennis instruction for advanced beginner to intermediate players with previous tennis experience. Wear tennis shoes, bring tennis racket, can of tennis balls & water. 
1032.703 8-9am W 8/4-8/25

Tennis: Youth Advanced Intermediate

Ages: 9-14     Cost: $93     Instructor: Harvey Mardyks     Location: Mission Oaks Park
Tennis instruction for kids with previous competitive experience wishing to improve their match play and/or kids wishing to make their high school team. Kids not meeting this standard will be asked to go back to the Advanced Beginner class. Wear tennis shoes, bring tennis racket, can of tennis balls & water. 
1032.712 9-10am W 8/4-8/25

Tennis: Adult Beginner

Ages: 18+     Cost: $93     Instructor: Harvey Mardyks     Location: Mission Oaks Park
Fun tennis instruction for adults with little or no tennis experience. Great way to meet people! Wear tennis shoes, bring tennis racket, can of tennis balls & water. 
1042.791 7-8pm Th 8/5-8/26

Modern Tennis Methodology - MTM

Ages: 5-85      Cost: $305     Instructor: Lucile Bosche Mosier     Location: Various parks
Learn to “Play Like the Pros” with private MTM (Modern Tennis Methodology) lessons. Custom-designed instruction for all age and ability levels. Tennis IS easy, let me show you how. Schedule dates and times with Instructor directly by calling Coach Lucy for details 818-665-5072. Lessons available at Valle Lindo, Mission Oaks, Bob Kildee, and Pitts Ranch Parks. Suitable for home school students.
1112.751 August


Instructor: Thomas Costa     Location: Bob Kildee Park
Students should bring water, wear tennis shoes, and bring a pickleball paddle. Rain cancellation: Call (805) 482-1996 before 5pm.

Pickleball Round Robin

Ages: 18+     Cost: $29
Teams will play for a set amount of time. Winners move up, losers move down. Partners will rotate. Format will depend on number of participants. No class 11/26.
0433.709 6-7:25pm F 9/3-9/24
0433.710 6-7:25pm F 10/8-10/29

Pickleball For All

Ages: 18+      Cost: $61
Learn all aspects of the game of pickleball from your first day on the court to advanced skills and strategies for competitive players. Whether you are a beginner or a 4.5 level player, you will appreciate the positive feedback and suggestions on how to advance your game to the next level. Please bring your own paddle to class.
0433.712 7:35-8:35pm F 9/3-9/24

Play Pickleball Like an Athlete

Ages: 18+      Cost: $61
This class will include circuit training, pickleball drills and exercising to make you stronger and more agile to play better pickleball. Train like an athlete to play like an athlete.
0433.713 7:35-8:35pm F 10/8-10/22

Ju-Jitsu Self Defense

Instructor: Dan Howard
This class offers a practical and effective self-defense system, to defend yourself and others from a variety of assaults common to today’s environment, tailored around the individual’s abilities to maximize your ability to learn techniques.
Ages: 6-13     Cost: $48
5512.715 6:30-7:30pm M 8/9-8/30
Ages: 14+     Cost: $88
5512.715 7:30-9:30pm M 8/9-8/30