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Classes - Adult

Puppy Basics

Ages: 16+     Cost: $103     Instructor: Russ Avison, Canine Logic     Location: Community Center Courtyard
Learn basic obedience behaviors and proper socialization skills for dogs 16 weeks to 12 months of age. Also learn to minimize the understandable but unacceptable behaviors such as nipping & mouthing, jumping on people, destructive digging, and chewing. Entire family welcome. All positive reinforcement techniques; No choke chains or pinch collars. Must bring proof of shot records (DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies & Canine Influenza) to the first class. Please wear sneakers and weatherappropriate clothing. $3 supply fee due first class.
1742.715 6-7pm Th 6/24-7/29
1742.716 6-7pm Th 8/5-9/9

Beginning to Intermediate Excel

Ages: 16-70     Cost: $245     Instructor: Brian Moriarty     Location: Senior Center 
You will be using excel from the first minute as everything we will do in the class builds on The previous learning objective. From the best way of storing information, limiting Error entries and display reports (graphs, pivot tables, unique). This is a focused course for Four weeks – 2 times per week with homework. Course can be taken online through Zoom. Instructor will set up accordingly
6622.002 6pm-7:30pm Tu/Th 6/1-6/24
6622.003 6pm-7:30pm Tu & Th 7/6-7/29
6622.004 6pm-7:30pm Tu & Th 8/3-8/26


Ages: 18-100     Cost: $180     Instructor: Jennifer Berman     Location: online
This is a painting class that will cover all aspects of creating a painting. We will use a variety of surfaces and techniques to create original artworks. This is an alllevel class, and we will cover some art history as well as fundamentals of design. $25 supply fee due at start of class.
2122.010 12:302pm Tu 6/1-6/29
2122.011 12:302pm Tu 7/6-7/27
2122.012 12:302pm Tu 8/3-8/31


Ages: 13+     Cost: $32*/$39     Instructor: Ellie Cortina     Location: Mission Oaks Park Stage
Zumba is advance fitness program that uses Latin and international rhythms to give you a full body workout that feels like a party. Join and see how fun getting in shape can be!
6322.700 9:30-10:30am Tu 6/1-6/29
6322.701 9:30-10:30am Tu 7/6-7/27*
6322.702 9:30-10:30am Tu 8/3-8/31


Ages: 16+     Instructor: Patty Bolland     Location: Community Center Auditorium
Jazzercise combines dance-based cardio with strength, Pilates, Yoga, kickboxing, and balance training in a fun and effective 60-minute workout, incorporating the latest moves to a variety of current upbeat music. Class passes provided at first class participation and expire in 30 days. Younger students welcome when accompanied by an adult. Call District to register young students. Bring mat and 3-5 lb. weights. No class 7/5.
1-Day Pass     Cost: $14
2612.727 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 6/3-6/28
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2612.730 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 7/3-7/31
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2612.733 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 8/2-8/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

5-Day Pass     Cost: $34
2612.728 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 6/3-6/28
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2612.731 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 7/3-7/31
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2612.734 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 8/2-8/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

10-Day Pass     Cost: $54
2612.729 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 6/3-6/28
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2612.732 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 7/3-7/31
                8:15-9:15am Sa

2612.735 5:45-6:45pm M/Th 8/2-8/30
                8:15-9:15am Sa

Funk Fuzion

Instructor: Lorenzo Crawford     Location: Community Center, Room 7     Ages: 16+
A fun, fresh, funky workout that is a healthy blend of traditional and dance flavored exercises to challenge your mind, body, & soles. Designed for the fitness novice or fitness enthusiasts that enjoy a challenging workout by infusing traditional exercises with a dance flavor. This class will leave you feeling “good” all over. So, put your happy feet on and come join us.
1-Day Pass     Cost: $10
3022.021 6-7pm Tu 6/1-6/29
                10-11am Sa

4-Day Pass     Cost: $24
3022.022 6-7pm Tu 6/1-6/29
                10-11am Sa

6-Day Pass     Cost: $34
3022.023 6-7pm Tu 6/1-6/29
                10-11am Sa

8-Day Pass     Cost: $44
3022.024 6-7pm Tu 6/1-6/29
                10-11am Sa

Mindfulness Meditation for Health & Wellness (Beginning)

Ages: 35+     Cost: $54     Instructor: Ronald Brand     Location: online
This course is for those with little or no meditative experience. Basic meditation instruction along with opportunities to practice guided and quiet meditation in sitting and walking activities. Time for questions and discussion will be provided. Wear loose comfortable clothing.
2032.010 6-7pm W 6/2-6/23
2032.011 6-7pm W 7/7-7/28
2032.012 6-7pm W 8/4-8/25

Mindfulness Meditation for Health & Wellness (Continued)

Ages: 35+     Cost: $54     Instructor: Ronald Brand     Location: online
This course is for those who wish to continue and deepen their meditation experience. Opportunity to practice in a supportive group setting. Use of walking and sitting meditation (both guided and quiet). Ongoing discussion on the benefits and practical use of mindfulness. Wear loose comfortable clothing.
2032.014 7-8pm W 6/2-6/23
2032.015 7-8pm W 7/7-7/28
2032.016 7-8pm W 8/4-8/25

Tai Chi

Ages: 18-99     Cost: $175     Instructor: Clifton Gore     Location: Community Center auditorium
A peaceful, slow moving martial art that promotes health and harmony.
1832.706 7-8pm W 6/2-8/25
1832.707 8-9pm W 6/2-8/25


Instructor: Janet Snyder, Dance Ten     Location: online
Zoom info and link will be emailed prior to the class starting to the email address used for signing up. Not to worry, you won’t need a lot of space! Please call or text Janet at 818-634-5881 with any dance-related questions
Date Night Workshop- Foxtrot & Waltz Workshop
Ages: 18+     Cost: $24/person
We will cover the elegant and classic Foxtrot as well as the classic Waltz. This is a beginning level class. Couples only.
4822.002 7-8:30pm Tu 6/8
Date Night Workshop - East Coast Swing
Ages: 18+     Cost: $24/person
We will cover the all-American upbeat East Coast Swing. This is a beginning level class. Couples only.
4822.003 7-8:30pm Tu 7/13
Date Night Workshop - Night Club Two-Step
Ages: 18+     Cost: $24/person
We will cover the slow & sensual Night Club Two-Step. This is a beginning level class. Couples only.
4822.004 7-8:30pm Tu 8/3