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EPIC Challenge

EPIC Challenge visit Every Park In Camarillo

We invite you to join us in the E.P.I.C. Challenge to visit Every Park In Camarillo.

Did you even know we have 28 parks?!!!

View the list of all the parks that PVRPD maintains for our community.
Which ones have you already been to? Which ones did you not even know about?

Share Your Journey

Keep us updated on your progress as you make this E.P.I.C. journey to visit all of the District's parks. Post photos of yourself as you visit each park to log your progress. Use hashtag #PVRPDEpicChallenge so we can follow your progress. Post to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @PVRPD.

Ready, set, GO!


In addition to the 28 parks maintained by PVRPD, the City of Camarillo maintains 2 additional parks - bringing the grand total to 30 parks in our community! They are Constitution Park and Dizdar Park.


Credit for this fun idea goes to: Patrick Boetticher and Jerome Jenkins