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Longfellow's Whale Tales

Welcome to our virtual Longfellow's Whale Tales class!  We hope your family will enjoy participating in these water safety lessons.   Parents can download the resouce guide to help children progress through the lessons.  This guide will help parents ask important safety questions to help children understand the improtance of each lesson.  Below are videos and activities to be watched and completed with each lesson.  Enjoy!

Whale Tales Parent Resouce GuideCourse Completion Certificate


Lesson 1: Swim as a Pair Near A Lifeguard's Chair

Lesson 1 Activity Grades K-2Lesson 1 Activity Grades 3-6


Lesson 2: Look Before you Leap

Lesson 2 Activity Grades K-2Lesson 2 Activity Grades 3-6


Lesson 3: Think So You Don't Sink

Lesson 3 Activity Grades K-2Lesson 3 Activity Grades 3-6


Lesson 4: Reach or Throw, Don't Go

Lesson 4 Activity Grades K-2Lesson 4 Activity Grades 3-6


Lesson 5: Don't Just Pack It, Wear your Jacket

Lesson 5 Activity Grades K-2Lesson 5 Activity Grades 3-6


Lesson 6: Too Much Sun is No Fun

Lesson 6 Activity Grades K-2Lesson 6 Activity Grades 3-6


Lesson 7: In Your House and In Your Yard, Watch for Water, Be on Guard

Lesson 7 Activity Grades K-2Lesson 7 Activity Grades 3-6