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Rummage Sale

If you’re anything like me, you have boxes and boxes of stuff in your garage or a back room that you’ve been meaning to take to donation or attempt to sell on Facebook Marketplace. You don’t want to throw it out because it’s good stuff, and you know there is use left. You’re thinking, ‘Someone would love this, but I have no use for it.’ Also, you spend good money on that stuff.

Community Sale

PVRPD Rummage Sale

Well, Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District is going to make this real easy for you. Just reserve a spot and bring your stuff over to sell! The more people that participate the more customers we’ll get to come by to shop.

The parking lot is in a prime location and there is space for all to come and sell. When the Rummage Sale is over, we have a donation truck scheduled to come and take whatever you don’t want to haul home. So you know that if you can’t sell it, it will still be reused by someone in need.

What to Sell

If you’re wondering what you could sell, the options are endless. Anything you’d sell at a garage sale, really. Children’s clothes, shoes, toys, and books are a great place to start. I know as a parent those things start to stack up over the years once they are grown out of.

Other things that would be great to sell include home décor, furniture, kitchen items, and used electronics.

Also, handmade items would be a great seller. Pottery, art, knitting, or crochet project would great items to sell.

Community Garage Sale

Community Sale vs. Personal

You may be thinking about having your own garage sale, but a community sale is going to bring in far more people/customers to view your items. If you’re wanting to make some decent money off your items a community sale is your best option. Not only do you not have to worry about whether people will be able to find you, but you have a nice flat area ready for setup and a donation option pre-planned.

Another reason our community sale is more beneficial is our marketing. We do all the hard work. We advertise this event on social media, through our email newsletter, and in our guide. You could share that you are participating on your personal page to gain more interest, but you’ll definitely sell more as part of this event.

Things to Keep in Mind

You’ll need to bring your own tables and canopies for shade. You can utilize the ground, but putting things up on tables will be more convenient for your and your shoppers.

Also, considered accepting multiple forms of payment. Be willing and able to accept cash but have a Venmo or digital option ready for use. You could even print out your Venmo QR code to make it even easier for people to pay If you are selling smaller items, consider having shopping bags available for shoppers.

Things Not to Sell

No hazardous or explosive materials, illegal drugs, firearms, or any weapons may be sold at this event. No food or drink items can be sold by participants.  

Sign-up today!

Don’t wait to sign up. Space is limited.

July 23, 2022 7am-12pm

Community Center Park1605 E. Burnley St., Camarillo

$25 Single Parking Space

$45 Two Parking Spaces  

$65 Three Parking Spaces

*3.0% processing fee will be applied for credit card payments

Applications may be submitted in person or via email. However, digital submissions must still call the office to select your vendor space. 

For walk-in applications, please visit the Administration Office:

Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District, 1605 E. Burnley St., Camarillo, CA 93010

For digital submissions, please email your application to, and call the office: 805 482-1996, to select your space number.

Rummage Sale Vendor Application