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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

In honor of National Scavenger Hunt Day (May 24) we are inviting you to go out to explore our parks.

Take Photos

Take a photo of each of the 20 items on our scavenger hunt list below.

Post Photos

Post your photos to our Facebook Event page and label each one to prove you got them all.

You may need to visit more than one park to get everything on the list. We have 28 parks to choose from.

Everyone sees things differently - we can't wait to see how our parks look through your eyes. Good luck & enjoy the hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Photo List

Photo collage

1. Flower
2. Something tiny
3. Swing
4. Something growing
5. Tree bark
6. Something heavy
7. Slide
8. Something round
9. Leaf
10. Something moving 
11. Park sign
12. Something flying
13. Creature
14. Something jumping
15. Cloud
16. Something yellow
17. Grass
18. Something large
19. Bench
20. Someone smiling


Please maintain appropriate social distancing and do not form groups. Thanks!
This activity is just for fun, there is no prize offered.