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Monarch Butterfly and Free Native Milkweed Workshop!

May contain: plant, animal, butterfly, insect, invertebrate, and monarch

Date: June 17

Time(s):  9:30am, 11:00am, & 2:00pm

Location:  Camarillo Grove Nature Center

Join us for a quick 60 minute tour of all things Monarch Butterflies and the Local Milkweed Plants they love!  Led by our friends from the Santa Monica Mountains Fund (SAMO Fund), this outdoor class is appropriate for most ages and will cover:

- Fascinating life cycle facts about local Monarchs, and up to date data on local population counts

- An introduction to the 3 native Milkweeds found in the Santa Monica Mountains

- Detailed information about how to grow native milkweed from seed

- Detailed information about how to install live native milkweed plants into your garden or in a container/ pot.

- Gardening tips to keep your native milkweed happy all year long, including irrigation cycles, soils and whether or not to fertilize, proper milkweed maintenance and which plants make great native milkweed companions in your landscape!

- At the end of each 60 minute class, each household will receive 5 milkweed plants home for use in their own gardens!  Please note, households must take home all 5 plants to ensure enough food (leaves) will be supplied for hungry Monarch caterpillars.  

*60 people per class

Register here for the 9:30 AM class.

Register here for the 11:00AM class.

Register here for the 2:00PM class.