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Board Members

Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District elections are in November of even number years and are consolidated with the General Election. Board Members are elected using a division based system to staggered four-year terms. The next election is November 2022 with two Director positions up this term.

For general questions about the election, please contact Ventura County Clerk & Recorder's Office (Elections Division) at 805-654-2664.

For answers to specific questions about a position on the PVRPD Board of Directors please contact the District Office at 805-482-1996.

History of Board Board CompensationBylawsConflict of Interest

Standing Committees

Finance: Directors Mark Malloy & Bev Dransfeldt
Personnel: Directors Robert Kelley & Elaine Magner
Policy: Directors Elaine Magner & Mark Malloy
Long-Range Planning: Directors Bev Dransfeldt & Jordan Roberts 
Liaison: Directors Bob Kelley & Jordan Roberts                    
Foundation: Director Elaine Magner                               

Ad Hoc Liaison: Directors Elaine Magner & Mark Malloy 

Ad Hoc Miracle League: Directors Elaine Magner & Mark Malloy

Outside Committees

Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC): Director Bev Dransfeldt
Ventura County Special Districts Association (VCSDA): Director Mark Malloy
California Special Districts Association (CSDA): Director Elaine Magner


To find out how to become a Board Member contact the District at (805) 482-1996.