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We are excited to reopen Bingo beginning April 21!

Wednesdays, Noon

Community Center Auditorium
1605 E. Burnley St., Camarillo

Games begin at 12:00pm, doors open at 10:30am.

The best Bingo game in town for adults 18+. Program variety, reasonable buyins and great pay-outs!

Seating is limited and by reservation only. Call 805-482-4881 to leave your first name, last name and phone number. Drop-ins not allowed.

No snacks or refreshments will be provided; however, you may bring your own.


Minimum Buy-In: 1 Pack of 13 games @ $15 (Ten 6-Ons & Three 3-Ons)
Specials: $2 each sheet, Black/White, Double Action, 4-On Two-Pack
All Other Specials: $1 per sheet
Selling of papers will end at 11:45am promptly.

All participants must observe safety measures, even if vaccinated: wear masks, maintain physical distance, and practice other prevention measures when visiting with unvaccinated people from multiple households. Following city guidance, there will be a mandatory 15 minute break for ALL participants to stretch their legs and go outside.