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Senior Center

Pleasant Valley Senior Center

1605 E. Burnley Street, Camarillo 
(at the Community Center on the corner of Carmen Dr. & Burnley St.)

(805) 482-4881

Open Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm

The Senior Center is dedicated to providing an array of special events, recreation and leisure programs as well as social services for adults living in the Camarillo area. You do not have to be a Camarillo resident to enjoy our programs and activities.

View our current activities below.


Lanny Binney, Recreation Supervisor - (805) 482-1996 x108
Denise Cleric, Recreation Specialist - (805) 482-1996 x202
Dylan Gunning, Recreation Specialist - (805) 482-1996 x201

View the Camarillo Senior Resource Guide