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Ordinances and General Use Policy

Here you can find a comprehensive list of the District's ordinances. 

Proposed Ordinance No. 15 – Second reading to be conducted on July 3, 2024.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Directors of the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District on June 5, 2024, introduced the Ordinance below:

District Ordinance No. 15, An Ordinance of the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District to Provide Informal Bidding Procedures Under The Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (Section 22000, et seq. of the Public Contract Code

The second reading shall be conducted on Wednesday, June 5, 2024, at 6:00 p.m.

Summary: This ordinance designates informal bid policies for the District per the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act.

The complete text of the Ordinance is available for review in the District’s Administration Office located at 1605 E Burnley Street, Camarillo, California. Please contact Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District at (805) 482-1996 with any questions regarding this Ordinance.

Ordinance No. 15


Ordinance 8

 Governing the Use of Parks, Recreation Areas & Facilities

The purpose of these provisions is to provide rules to govern the use of District parks, recreation areas, and facilities in order that all persons may enjoy and make use of such parks and buildings and to protect the rights of all concerned.

If any provision or clause of this Ordinance or the application thereof is held invalid or unconstitutional, such declaration shall not affect the other provisions or application and, to this end, the provisions of these ordinances are declared to be severable.

General Use Policy

The General Use Policy serves as the foundational framework governing the day-to-day request and utilization of District facilities. Within its contents lies a comprehensive set of guidelines and well-defined processes, designed to facilitate easy access to these facilities and their associated properties. Moreover, this document serves as an invaluable resource for residents, offering insight into the specific policies dictating the utilization of these community spaces. Within the policy, you can find language pertaining to crucial aspects such as the application process, permit issuance, fees and charges (excluding the actual fees themselves), organization classification for priority facility use, miscellaneous charges, regulations concerning the possession and sale of alcoholic beverages, as well as provisions addressing liability concerns.

Mel Vincent Park basketball hoop and playground
General Use Policy - Adopted 10-4-2023Ordinance No. 8 - Adopted 10-4-2023


Other Ordinances

Ordinance No. 9 Adopted 7-5-2018Ordinance No. 10 Adopted 10-2-2019Ordinance No. 11 Adopted 1-2-2020Ordinance No. 12 Adopted 07-07-2021Ordinance No.13 Adopted 11-3-2022Ordinance No. 14 Adopted 06-05-2024



The District Board also governs District operations via resolutions, These documents express the will of the Board and are used as a vehicle to adopt policies, official statements, or officially direct District staff to perform an action. While they are official documents, they do not carry the authority of an ordinance.

PVRPD Resolution Database