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Basketball Free Agent

Basketball Free Agents interested in joining a team prior/during the season or for the potential of creating a Free Agent team are encouraged to fill out and submit the Free Agent Form listed below.   You MUST complete a Free Agent Form each season to be considered for the current season being played.

Free Agent Form

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Free Agent List

The free agent list is intended for team managers to call Free Agents if they are in need of a player or potentially starting a new team. Free Agent names will remain on the list for two seasons before being removed. If you have any questions regarding being a Free Agent or would like to become a Free Agent team manager, please contact Nicholas Castro  at  (805) 482-1996 x403.

NamePhonePosition PreferenceLeague PreferenceSeason
Julian Torres805-444-6685Small ForwardMen'sFall 2023
Matthew Masindo805-519-1957Small ForwardMen'sFall 2023
Darius Sullivan601-778-8719Small ForwardMen'sFall 2023 
Walter Tusinski267-496-8292Small ForwardMen'sFall 2023
Al Drumheller805-444-4919CenterMen'sFall 2023
Jaycee Rodriguez309-276-4311Point GuardMen'sFall 2023
 Ken Tomimitsu805-444-8633Small ForwardMen'sFall 2023
Chris Halbersma573-590-1654Power ForwardMen'sFall 2023
Michael Labrum805-377-8740Power ForwardMen'sFall 2023
Sean Jafari818-437-7866Small ForwardMen'sFall 2023
Adam Randall989-392-3715Small ForwardMen'sFall 2023
 Michael Pitt516-534-0825CenterMen'sSpring 2024
Keegan Carrico 805-915-9725Point GuardMen'sSpring 2024
 Dallan Schoner805-754-0388Point GuardMen'sSpring 2024
Devin Cardona818-631-1365Small ForwardMen'sSpring 2024
Wesley Tang805-587-7909Point GuardMen'sSpring 2024
John Taylor805-904-5792Power ForwardMen'sSpring 2024
Jill Yanai818-285-9888 Point GuardMen'sSpring 2024

Updated  January 11, 2024