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Basketball Free Agent

Basketball Free Agents interested in joining a team prior/during the season or for the potential of creating a Free Agent team are encouraged to fill out and submit the Free Agent Form listed below.  A sports coordinator will follow up with you and find the best available fit for your request. You MUST complete a Free Agent Form each season to be considered for the current season being played.

Free Agent Form

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Free Agent List

The free agent list is intended for team managers to call Free Agents if they are in need of a player or potentially starting a new team.  If you have any questions regarding being a Free Agent or would like to become a Free Agent team manager, please contact Lanny Binney at or (805) 482-1996 x108.

NamePhonePosition PreferenceMulti-PositionLeague Preference
Ranzel Rostrata805-824-8941Small forwardShooting guardMen's
Jackson Cordavian737-213-3576Point GuardShooting GuardMen's
Maxwell Simonton805-616-8406Small forward Men's
Johnny Seaberry414-232-6797Point GuardMen's
Jonathan Tith909-519-5804Power ForwardMen's
Connor Martin805-402-9751Power ForwardMen's 
 Shawn Lakhani 805-501-7003 Small Forward any but center Men's
 Leon Stewart 216-849-4469 Point Guard  Men's
 Zachary Mikasa 805-396-3064 Small ForwardPoint GuardMen's
 Austin Farrell805-279-1503Power ForwardForward/Center Men's
Henry Ettinger646-648-2459 Power Forward Men's
Sean Jafari818-437-7866Small ForwardPoint GuardMen's
Jose Gonzalez757-935-8670Point GuardShooting GuardMen's
Kevin Andrade805-856-8622Power Forward Men's
Johnny Raya805-607-1434Point GuardShooting GuardMen's
Moises Herrera805-850-8626Power Forward Men's
Justin Tong314-640-7626Point Guard Men's
Joshua Urbano805-312-3097Small ForwardShooting GuardMen's
Jonathan Tith909-519-5804Power ForwardCenterMen's
Jorge Gonzales323-314-3235Power ForwardForwardMen's
Walter Tusinski267-496-8292Center Men's
Connor Howard805-443-5850Power ForwardShooting GuardMen's
Michael Hare805-738-2143 Power ForwardCenterMen's
Clark Menkes760-716-7875Small ForwardAnyMen's
Connor Martin805-402-9751CenterAnyMen's
Pablo Navarro805-854-4104Point GuardGuardMen's
Alex Lu805-504-5368Center Men's
Lauren Seagle808-237-9485Small Forward Men's
Jesse Diaz805-318-5063Point Guard Men's
Oscar Carranza323-815-0233Point GuardShooting GuardMen's
 Sebastian Diaz718-216-6258Point GuardGuardMen's
 Antonio Loera805-824-9274Point Guard Men's
Alejando Castaneda805-827-0474 Power ForwardPoint GuardMen's
Sandy Simonton661-312-2384Small ForwardPower ForwardMen's
Adrian Brisco805-212-6102Power ForwardAnyMen's
Ryan Ramirez805-377-6899Small ForwardPoint GuardMen's
Max Simonton805-616-8406Small Forward Men's
 Kendall Johnson337-354-7450Small Forward Men's
Domonic Goins805-419-1297Small ForwardAnyMen's
 Jordan Diaz619-218-1703Point GuardStrong GuardMen's
 Chase Dariso760-521-6818Small ForwardPoint GuardMen's
Martin Ong805-824-1182Small Forward Men's
Alex Dijorio707-955-9825Point GuardShooting GuardMen's

Updated 9-16-2021



Lanny Binney, Recreation Supervisor,, 805-482-1996 x108
John Sofer, Recreation Specialist,,  805-482-1996 x201