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Softball Free Agent

Softball Free Agents interested in joining a team prior/during the season or for the potential of creating a Free Agent team are encouraged to fill out and submit the Free Agent Form below.  A sports coordinator will follow up with you and find the best available fit for your request. You MUST complete a Free Agent Form each season to be considered for the current season being played.

Free Agent Form

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Free Agent List

The free agent list is intended for team managers to call Free Agents if they are in need of a player or potentially starting a new team.  If you have any questions regarding being a Free Agent or would like to become a Free Agent team manager, please call Dylan Gunning at 805-482-1996 x201.

NamePhonePosition PreferenceMulti-PositionLeague Preference
Kiara Magana805-718-3628Left Field Women's
Beau Richardson805-512-1730Short StopLeft FieldMen's & Co-Ed
Christina Pool619-600-2511Left FieldShort Stop Women's
Brandon Pace310-709-1984Short StopLeft FieldMen's
Mike Zamora805-814-0337Left Field Men's
Gina Lovato805-200-99511st BaseWomen's & Co-Ed
John Francis805-432-3495Right FieldLeft or CenterCo-Ed
Jila Vilchez818-455-7322 Left FieldShort Stop, Left or RightWomen's
John Mueller818-625-95842ndMen's and Co-Ed
Sergio Morrison619-962-56691st Base 2nd, 3rd, CatcherMen's
Annika Ryer845-797-5711Center Women's & Co-Ed
Gavin Stewart805-320-8223 2nd Base3rd, CF, LF, RFMen's & Co-Ed
Veronica Flores303-704-5872 Left FieldWomen's & Co-Ed 
Mike Szostkiewicz805-833-8849 2nd BasePitch, Catch, 1b,2b,3bMen's & Co-Ed 
Matthew Switzler805-630-3496LeftOutfield, 1stMen's & Co-Ed
Jaredd Galloway805-217-5629 Right3rd, 1s, OutfieldMen's & Co-Ed
Tom Middleton905-702-59053rd2ndCo-Ed
Brandy Bundy805-702-58061st Right or CatcherWomen's & Co-Ed
Zachary Saldana805-760-1017LeftCatcherMen's & Co-Ed
Greg Erickson949-303-92241stOutfieldMen's & Co-Ed
Nathan Reeves720-378-3997Right Men's & Co-Ed
Cristina Jacobo562-677-57061stWomen's & Co-Ed
Jose Jacobo323-527-4224Pitcher Men's & Co-Ed
Marquel Bryant805-853-1436Center AnyMen's & Co-Ed
Ashley Bohm757-589-60901st1st, 3rd, Center, Left Women's & Co-Ed
Sergio Morrison619-962-56691st Base2nd, 3rd, CatcherMen's & Co-Ed
Jose Garcia805-207-57832nd1st, OutfieldMen's & Co-Ed
John Cox805-886-6719 1stAny, PitcherMen's & Co-Ed
Zack Tapia916-679-9713Left Field3rd, 1stCo-Ed
Megan Switzler 805-630-2567Right Field Co-Ed
Aaron Charlet575-642-2823Left FieldOutfieldMen's & Co-Ed
John Taylor805-904-5792Short Stop AnyMen's
Dan Luciano603-557-87353rd BaseIF/OFMen's & Co-Ed

Updated 5-6-2021