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Softball Free Agent

Softball Free Agents interested in joining a team prior/during the season or for the potential of creating a Free Agent team are encouraged to fill out and submit the Free Agent Form below.  You MUST complete a Free Agent Form each season to be considered for the current season being played.

Free Agent Form

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Free Agent List

The free agent list is intended for team managers to call Free Agents if they are in need of a player or potentially starting a new team. Names will remain on the Free Agent list for two seasons before they are removed. If you have any questions regarding being a Free Agent or would like to become a Free Agent team manager, please call Lanny Binney at (805) 482-1996 x108.

NamePhoneEmail AddressPosition LeagueSeason
Gerardo Moreno909-358-52941BMen's & CoedSpring 2023
Jaycob Flores805-760-1198CFCoedSpring 2023
Eric Milmont805-216-98251BCoedSpring 2023
Paul Reyes909-556-4994LFMen's & CoedSpring 2023
Art Lowe818-427-3960RFMen's & CoedSpring 2023
Angie Sandoval714-661-4151LFCoedSpring 2023
Zachary Bunker805-276-5599SSCoedSpring 2023
Dominic Hammell530-219-47083BMen's & CoedSpring 2023
Harry Wright209-650-87631BCoedSpring 2023
Marcela Chacon786-865-2645RFCoedSpring 2023
Luke Underwood202-412-0334SSCoedSpring 2023
Sandra Sanchez650-686-0857LFCoedSpring 2023
Will Baz805-501-6995LFMen'sSpring 2023
Harry Wright209-650-87632BMen's & CoedSpring 2023
Kris T805-990-7004CFMen'sSpring 2023
Tyler Q650-576-60911BMen'sSpring 2023
Cesar Zapien805-236-2960CFMen's & CoedSpring 2023
 Jessica Tracy805-660-4658LFCoedSpring 2023
Benjamin Reich310-948-99871Coed Spring 2023
Ben Kling805-914-8753LFMen's & CoedSpring 2023
Tanner Kirby805-804-7155RFMen'sSpring 2023
Rob Sandberg206-930-7698RFMen'sSpring 2023
Winston Price240-367-80752BCoedSpring 2023
Rick Kurshner310-850-72891BMen's & CoedSpring 2023
Bergen Muzatko509-863-8784RFCoedSpring 2023
Elwood Lake818-437-69521BMen's & CoedSpring 2023
 Blake Mouvet805-551-5686CFMen'sSpring 2023
Andrew Mercier361-876-8901LFMen's & CoedSpring 2023
James Volponi805-754-8002CFMen's & CoedSpring 2023
Megan Chan
Tyler Cook805-585-8911 CFCoedSummer 2023
Phil Laquinta617-529-4666 LFMen's & CoedSummer 2023
Rob Broadbrooks805-833-7025 C, P, 2BMen's & CoedSummer 2023
Dominique Ruiz805-336-5678 SSCoedSummer 2023

Updated May 22, 2023



Lanny Binney, Recreation Supervisor,, 805-482-1996 x108
John Sofer, Recreation Specialist,,  805-482-1996 x201