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Softball Free Agent

Softball Free Agents interested in joining a team prior/during the season or for the potential of creating a Free Agent team are encouraged to fill out and submit the Free Agent Form below.  A sports coordinator will follow up with you and find the best available fit for your request. You MUST complete a Free Agent Form each season to be considered for the current season being played.

Free Agent Form

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Free Agent List

The free agent list is intended for team managers to call Free Agents if they are in need of a player or potentially starting a new team.  If you have any questions regarding being a Free Agent or would like to become a Free Agent team manager, please call Lanny Binney at (805) 482-1996 x108.

NamePhonePosition PreferenceMulti-PositionLeague Preference
Daniel Estrada408-891-2401CenterfieldAnyMen's
Mario Gonzalez805-415-6328Right Field Men's or Coed
Brianna Santiago805-232-86332nd baseAnyCoed
Cory Rivas805-218-0235ShortstopAnyMen's & Coed
Jake Casetallanos805-729-4461CenterfieldAnyCoed
Jorge Gonzalez323-314-32352nd baseAnyMen's & Coed
Joe Zimmerly619-456-8201Left FieldRF, 2nd baseMen's and Coed
Seth Tourje760-409-4849Right Field1st BaseCoed
Simone Charles 928-606-6340Shortstop2nd baseCoed
Jorge Cervantes805-843-25331st Base2nd, catcher, rfMen's and Coed
Tyler Emory706-339-4243CenterfieldCatcherCoed
Adrian Torres805-861-8300ShortstopMen's & Coed
Miguel Torres805-861-8300Pitcher Men's & Coed
 Sarah Mayer 916-370-6386 2nd Base  Coed
 George Hart 805-258-3454 Right Field Coed
 Mitch Leonard563-676-4023PitcherAnywhereMen's & Coed
 Tyler Woropay650-474-1886Center FieldOutfieldCoed
 Alexander Ferguson760-484-6291Center FieldAnything but PitcherMen's and Coed
Joanne Matibag208-656-31072nd Base1st Base/OutfieldCo-ed
Brendon Rudd925-550-1210Pitcher1st BaseMen's
Jonathan Amador805-670-46752nd BaseAnyMen's & Coed
Aaron Mojarras559-495-5246Center FieldOutfieldMen's
Jaredd Galloway805-217-5629Left FieldAnywhereMen's & Coed
Francis Ang714-728-6302Left FieldOutfieldMen's & Coed
Elaine Melendez805-342-52441st BaseAnyCoed
Laura Orozco805-982-03281st BaseAnyCoed
Mario Gonzalez805-415-63282nd BaseAnyMen's & Coed
Mario Esparza805-535-5595Right FieldCatcher/OutfieldMen's & Coed
Richard Dubuke805-443-0470Left FieldAnyCoed
Dominic Goins805-419-1297CenterfieldOutfieldMen's & Coed
Anthony Alejo805-815-7772Left FieldOutfieldMen's
Patrick Tormey818-516-0565 2nd BaseAnyCo-ed
Mark Correia805-630-55831st BaseAnyMen's & Coed
Nico Cuccia805-312-64512nd baseAnyCoed
Rudie Lopez805-215-28402nd baseOutfieldCoed
Logan Provence805-425-3053 Pitcher Men's
 Jason Cremeen925-876-74151st BaseAnyMen's & Coed
Ernie Casas805-750-0863Pitcher Men's & Coed
Domonic Goins805-419-1297Left Field1st BaseMen's & Coed
Marco Alcala805-907-55193rd baseanyMen's & Coed
 Miguel Villanueva805-607-0885Left fieldany outfieldMen's & Coed
 Christian Velasco805-479-2779Right fieldNot infieldMen's
Dee Turner805-236-37312nd BaseCatcher/AnyCo-ed
 Michael Hunter805-479-1151Left FieldAny outfieldCo-ed
Frank Jimenez 808-269-7181Center FieldAnyMen's & Coed
Luke Underwood202-412-0334Center FieldAny but Pitcher/CatcherCo-ed
Kieren Henry805-607-9503Right FieldLeft FieldCo-ed
Kyle McCulloch805-297-7576Right Field Men's & Coed
 Chase Dasiro760-521-6818Short Stop Men's & Coed
Evelin Quintero 805-401-41431st Base Coed
 Oscar Trasoras559-558-23232nd BaseAnyCoed
Benjamin Reich310-948-9987pitcheroutfielderCo-ed
Stephanie Ambrosia805-377-44482nd Base Co-ed

Updated 4-26-2022



Lanny Binney, Recreation Supervisor,, 805-482-1996 x108
John Sofer, Recreation Specialist,,  805-482-1996 x201