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Swim Lessons

Pleasant Valley Aquatic Center offers a range of classes for different ages and skill levels. Our goal is to help you improve your comfort and proficiency in the water. Below are details on our current class offerings. Click the hyperlinks to register online. Our indoor pool is located at 1030 Temple Ave, Camarillo. Any questions, call the Aquatic Center at 805-987-8198. 

Adult Learn to Swim

Learn basic water safety, conquer your fear and improve your swimming ability. Learn to float, glide and swim front crawl.
Ages: 14+     Cost: $95
7029.030 8-8:45am Sa 9/18-10/30

Swim Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons

Currently Waitlisted

Private lessons are offered on weekend mornings and weekday mornings and evenings. Enjoy 25 minutes of private instruction to fit your needs. Perfect for adults and children!
Ages: 3+     Cost: $123
7029.031 8-8:25am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.032 8:30-8:55am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.033 9-9:25am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.034 9:30-9:55am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.035 10-10:25am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.036 10:30-10:55am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.037 11-11:25am Sa 9/18-10/30

Parent & Child

This class helps parents and infants become comfortable in the aquatic environment by playing games and developing skills. Parents are taught to safely work with their child in the water, including how to appropriately support and hold their child, as well as several water safety topics. As they progress, they will explore more advanced skills including front and back glides with assistance and changing direction in the water.
Ages: 6mos-3yrs     Cost: $72
7029.038 9-9:25am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.039 10-10:25am Sa 9/18-10/30

Preschool: Orientation to the Water Environment

This is a child’s first experience in a lesson without being accompanied by an adult. Songs, games, and activities help orient pre-school age children to the aquatic environment. Children learn basic aquatic skills while developing positive attitudes, good swimming habits and safe practices. Prerequisite: Students should be comfortable in the water without a parent and be able to sit on the steps.
Ages: 3+     Cost: $72
7029.040 9:30-9:55am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.041 10:30-10:55am Sa 9/18-10/30


Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills

This level is designed for students with limited water experience who still enjoy their water time. Activities help participants feel comfortable in the water environment and introduce basic swimming skills that are built on subsequent levels, such as: supported floats and glides, alternating arm and leg technique, and retrieving submerged objects. Prerequisites: Students should be comfortable in the water without a parent and be able to hold onto the wall.
Ages: 4+     Cost: $72
7029.042 8:30-8:55am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.043 9:30-9:55am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.044 10:30-10:55am Sa 9/18-10/30

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Students are comfortable in the water and ready to learn the fundamental skills of swimming. Level 2 teaches floats without support and how to recover to a vertical position. Participants further develop alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back that lay the foundation for future strokes. Prerequisites: Successful completion of Level 1 and must be able to comfortably put their face in the water.
Ages: 4+     Cost: $72
7029.045 8:30-8:55am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.046 10-10:25am Sa 9/18-10/30

Level 3: Stroke Development

Students are confident in the water on both their front and back. In Level 3, students are introduced to dolphin kick, scissor kick and breaststroke kick, and continue to build on their swimming skills. Level 3 students are challenged more by swimming 25 yards of the pool. Prerequisites: Successful completion of Level 2 and must feel comfortable swimming freestyle and backstroke.
Ages: 5+     Cost: $72
7029.047 9-9:25am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.048 10:30-10:55am Sa 9/18-10/30

Level 4: Stroke Improvement

This level continues to develop confidence  in the strokes learned thus far by improving their freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke, as well as their endurance. Students learn the butterfly, sidestroke, and breaststroke in this level. Level 4 students are challenged by swimming continuously with the introduction of turning on the wall. Prerequisites: Successful completion of Level 3.
Ages: 6+     Cost: $72
7029.049 9-9:25am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.050 10-10:25am Sa 9/18-10/30

Level 5/6: Stroke Refinement & Skill Proficiency

Students are strong swimmers and refine their strokes and continue to build endurance. Swimmers will strive to successfully swim 100 yards freestyle and backstroke, and 50 yards of butterfly and breaststroke. Level 5 students are also introduced to more advanced skills including flip turns and surface dives. Students prepare for the swim team, or Jr. Lifeguard program. Students swim continuously with more ease, proficiency, power, and smoothness over great distances. In Level 6, students focus on competitive starts and flip turns. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Level 5.
Ages: 6+     Cost: $72
7029.051 8:30-8:55am Sa 9/18-10/30
7029.052 11-11:25am Sa 9/18-10/30