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Turf Mitigation 

As part of the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, the District has committed to green initiatives to encourage a more efficient design and usage of our park system. The turf removal projects incorporate best practices in the design of District park space and the selection of materials to reduce environmental impacts and promote drought-tolerant landscapes.

Staff have identified six parks where passive use turf areas can be removed. Each site has been carefully designed with functionality, drought tolerance, and maintenance in mind. At each site where turf is being removed, there should be little impact to programming and active use. The main goal is to minimize and, in some places, eliminate water waste. Staff is looking at a long-term approach to turf removal by creating an esthetically pleasing landscape that does not greatly increase maintenance. Staff is proposing the District remove about 235,000 sq ft of turf throughout the six parks. The removal of turf in these areas will have little impact to the use of these parks. Staff has estimated that the District will save around 3,770 HCF (2,800,000 gallons) of water per year, by eliminating turf throughout these parks.

Staff will take a phased approach to removing turf at these parks. The first phase will focus on Valle Lindo, Lokker, Bob Kildee, and the Community Center Parks.

ParkSq. Ft.HCFs Saved
Valle Lindo68,0001090
Bob Kildee12,000190
Community Center20,000320

Each area of turf will be replaced with a variety of materials. In most areas staff will use a combination of woodchips and decomposed granite. Select areas will be planted with walkable ground cover and there will be drought tolerant plants throughout the landscape. Staff will redesign and install the irrigation to each area and use a combination of low flow spray nozzles, drip irrigation, and subterranean irrigation to eliminate runoff and evaporation.

Bob Kildee Site Plan - Phase 2Community Center Site PlanValle Lindo Site PlanLokker Park Site Plan


Current Turf Mitigation Projects

Bob Kildee Park - In Progress

Our current turf mitigation project is at Bob Kildee Community Park. The estimated project will take 5 weeks.


Pitts Ranch Park - Completed

Our latest project at Pitts Ranch converted a small piece of our park to be more drought tolerant.  We removed grass along the south-west edge of the park between the walkway and trees, and replaced it replaced with drought-tolerant plants, woodchips, and decomposed granite for continued water conservation.