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District Fun Facts

We are a Special District which is an independent special-purpose governmental unit that exists separately from local government.

In an average year, 7,250 people sign up for classes and programs with the District.

All District staff are trained and certified in American Red Cross First Aid & CPR for the safety of our visitors.

The District was founded in 1962, before the City of Camarillo which was formed in 1964.

Our pool holds 210,000 gallons of water which is about 32 times more than an average backyard pool. 

The District has grown from one park and 30 acres to 28 parks and over 300 acres since its inception 60 years ago.

Around 800,000 people use our parks each year.

The District serves an area larger than the City of Camarillo. 

District Lifeguards receive an average of 60 hours of training & skills practice each year.

The District serves a population of over 70,000 and covers an area approximately 45 square miles.

The U.S. Air Force originally created Freedom Park and the buildings around it, later donating it to the District in 1976.

The land that Camarillo Grove Park now occupies was originally granted by the Mexican government to Jose Pedro Ruiz, who sold it to Juan Camarillo, Sr. in 1875. Adolfo Camarillo then donated 26 aces to create the park and it was maintained by the county for many years before passing to the District in 2002.

Auditorium plaque
Aquatic Center dedication plaque

View a map of the District's service area.

View the names of all who have served on our board of directors since 1962.

Kihi Pool in Somis served the community for recreational swimming and pool parties until Pleasant Valley Aquatic Center opened in 1969. 

The first District office was located at Dizdar Park in what is now the Chamber of Commerce building, till it moved to its current location at Community Center Park in 1969,