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Fee Study

In 2021, the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District Board of Directors approved the Districts 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.  Goal 1.1 under Sustained Financial Stability is to Review costs, revenues, and subsidies for programs and rentals.

A. Strategy: Conduct a comprehensive Fee Study and Cost Recovery Analysis exploring funding opportunities and policies including but not limited to program fees, discounts, cost recovery methods, tournaments, community service organizations fees and fees received from the rental of District parks and recreational facilities.

At the November 4, 2021 Board Meeting, The Board of Directors approved the District's General Manager to enter an agreement with Clearsource for consulting services for the implementation of a User Fees and Cost Recovery Policy and Analysis.

Currently, District Staff are working with Clearsource to analyze the District's revenues, expenses, and fees. 


Coming Soon: Public Input Period

Part of the Fee Study and Cost Recovery Policy will include a public input period where we collect data from our residents about current and upcoming fees.