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Foundation Board Meetings

The Board for the Foundation for Pleasant Valley Recreation & Parks meets on the second Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise specified) at the main administrative office to plan how to address the needs of the community.


 2022 Meeting Agendas

Foundation Agenda 01.12.2022Foundation Agenda 02.09.2022Foundation Agenda 03.09.2022Foundation Agenda 04.13.2022Foundation Agenda 05.11.2022Foundation Agenda 06.08.2022Foundation Agenda 07.13.2022Foundation Agenda 08.03.2022Foundation Agenda 08.10.2022Foundation Agenda 09.14.2022Foundation Agenda 10.12.2022Foundation Agenda 11.09.2022Foundation Agenda 12.14.2022



 2021 Meeting Agendas

Foundation Agenda 02.17.2021Foundation Agenda 04.14.2021 Foundation Agenda 05.13.2021Foundation Agenda 05.24.2021Foundation Agenda 06.30.2021Foundation Agenda 07.14.2021Foundation Agenda 08.11.2021Foundation Agenda 09.08.2021Foundation Agenda 10.13.2021Foundation Agenda 11.10.2021Foundation Agenda 12.08.2021



2020 Meeting Agendas

Foundation Agenda January 23Foundation Agenda February 20


2019 Meeting Agendas

Foundation Agenda January 17Foundation Agenda January 30 - EmergencyFoundation Agenda February 21Foundation Agenda March 21Foundation Agenda April 9Foundation Agenda May 14Foundation Agenda June 20Foundation Agenda July 25Foundation Agenda October 17Foundation Agenda November 14


2018 Meeting Agendas

Foundation Agenda January 18Foundation Agenda February 15Foundation Agenda March 22Foundation Agenda April 24Foundation Agenda May 22Foundation Agenda June 21Foundation Agenda July 19Foundation Agenda August 9Foundation Agenda September 13Foundation Agenda October 18Foundation Agenda November 29


2017 Meeting Agendas

Foundation Agenda January 19Foundation Agenda February 16Foundation Agenda March 16Foundation Agenda April 20Foundation Agenda May 23Foundation Agenda June 15Foundation Agenda July 25Foundation Agenda August 17Foundation Agenda September 19Foundation Agenda September 19 - SpecialFoundation Agenda October 19Foundation Agenda November 16Foundation Agenda December 18


2016 Meeting Agendas

Foundation Agenda January 21Foundation Agenda February 18Foundation Agenda March 17Foundation Agenda April 21Foundation Agenda May 19Foundation Agenda June 16Foundation Agenda July 21Foundation Agenda August 18Foundation Agenda September 8Foundation Agenda October 26Foundation Agenda November 17Foundation Agenda December 14


2015 Meeting Agendas

Foundation Agenda January 15Foundation Agenda February 19Foundation Agenda March 19Foundation Agenda April 16Foundation Agenda May 21Foundation Agenda June 4Foundation Agenda June 18Foundation Agenda July 8Foundation Agenda August 6Foundation Agenda August 20Foundation Agenda September 3Foundation Agenda September 17Foundation Agenda October 1Foundation Agenda November 4Foundation Agenda December 2


2014 Meeting Agendas

Foundation Agenda May 1Foundation Agenda June 12Foundation Agenda September 15Foundation Agenda October 9Foundation Agenda November 20