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Freedom Park Pickleball Complex

Future Pickleball Complex 

The Pleasant Valley Board of Directors has approved the public design process for a future pickleball complex to be located at the former swimming pool area at Freedom Park. 

Freedom Park is a 33.9 acre community park located at 275 E. Pleasant Valley Road in Camarillo, adjacent to the Camarillo Airport.  

Lauterbach & Associates Architects, Inc. was selected and approved by the Board of Directors on December 2, 2021, to conduct the public input process and accompanying design of the complex. Three public design workshops were held on March 19th, March 30th, and April 13th of 2022 to provide the community with the opportunity to give input on what the future complex should include. Lauterbach & Associates presented design options at two meetings, April 13th and May 9th, where our Pickleball Ad Hoc Committee narrowed down proposed options to two designs. These designs were then submitted to be presented to the entire Board of Directors at the July 6, 2022 Board meeting.   

Design Process Files 

Existing Site PlanPublic Input CommentsReference Photos Submitted


February 2023 Update:  

  • Pickleball demo is starting soon !

January 2023 Update:  

The district has hired a contractor for the Lead and Asbestos remediation and also has hired a contractor for the demolition of the existing site. The architects are working with the city on some issues that were brought up.


Funding: $1.400,000 in Quimby (Development) Funding has been dedicated to Phase 1 design and construction.


  • A Request for Proposal for Phase 1 Construction Services is expected to go to the Board of Directors at the September 7, 2022 Board meeting. 
  • A more detailed timeline will be provided once the public bidding process has been conducted and a contractor is selected by the Board of Directors. 

Approved Designs: 

The main differences between A-1.04 and A-1.04 Alternate site plans relates to the amount of courts and parking stalls.

  • A-1.04 plans for 19 total courts and 32 parking stalls.
  • A-1.04 Alternate plans for 16 total courts and 49 parking stalls.
  • In the Phased Design Plans, Phase 1 proposes 6 total playing courts, 2 "dinking" courts, and 65 parking stalls.     
Phased Design Plans PDF - Future Freedom Pickleball ComplexA-1.04 Site Plan PDF - Future Freedom Pickleball ComplexA-1.04 Site Plan Alternate PDF - Future Freedom Pickleball Complex