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Donations are important to the vitality of Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District and its ability to preserve, enhance and strengthen the quality of life within our community. The District depends upon and values the public support it receives from volunteers who regularly give time, money, and expertise to the District.

Dog Park bench dedication

It is important to be reminded just how vital parks, amenities, and open space are to the quality of our lives. Both land and amenities in parks provide a great variety of benefits, and the money spent acquiring and developing these facilities is an investment in our future.

Recognizing the need for continued community support, Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District gratefully accepts monetary donations, volunteer support, and various in-kind donations to improve parks, facilities, and open space.

The District encourages individuals, businesses, and community organizations to participate in enhancing and preserving our parks, programs, and facilities. A variety of items are available for sponsorship ranging from benches, trees, trail restoration, park beautification projects, and more.  If you are wishing to commemorate an anniversary, honor the memory of a loved one, celebrate a new birth, or improve your community, we hope that you will consider one of these valuable options for your contribution and give a lasting gift to the entire community.

For questions, please contact Kaleen Gage at 805-482-1996 x117

To view more details and order a dedication, visit our Foundation website